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The Plot

Lord Snooty Tophat has invited everyone to see The Raja’s famous diamond pendant. When its case is opened, it will be revealed to have been stolen.

At some point the players will leave to try and find the diamond or look for clues. On returning to the room, Lord Snooty Tophat will have been murdered.

Act 1 – The Dining Hall

Part A – Introductions

  • Welcoming of the Guests
  • Introduce Characters
  • Begin Introducing Motives

Part B – The Missing Diamond

Act 2 – The Study

  • Lord Snooty Tophat lies dead in his study.
  • The butler will summon the rest of the cast to answer questions from the cast.
  • There will also be clues in the room and on the body of Lord Snooty Tophat.
  • After some time the police and a doctor will arrive, confirm a cause of death and then remove the body.
  • The party will then move into the library so that the police inspector can examine the crime scene.

Act 3 – The Library

Part A – More Evidence Gathering

  • More clues and interrogation to take place.
  • The diamond will be concealed in the library.

Part B – The Truth

  • Inspector asks if anyone knows what might have happened.

Main Page

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